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Marathon Boat Rentals, Yacht Rentals & Jetski Rentals

Welcome to South Florida Boat Rental, your premier vacation spot for extraordinary boat rentals, yacht rentals, and jetski leases in Marathon. Whether you are planning a tranquil day on the water, a luxurious yacht excursion, or an exhilarating jetski adventure, we provide satisfactory preferences to meet your wants and ensure an unforgettable experience.


Premier Boat Rentals

Explore the super waters of Marathon with our range of variety of Marathon boat rentals. Our well-maintained fleet consists of the total component from versatile pontoons to easy speedboats, designed for alleviation and enjoyment. Whether you are fishing, sightseeing, or taking section in a household outing, our boats supply the exquisite way to a day trip with the herbal splendor of Marathon. Enjoy an ordinary boating ride with South Florida Boat Rental.


Luxurious Yacht Rentals

Indulge in the closing luxury with our Marathon yacht rentals. Our outstanding yachts are geared up with top-of-the-line choices and staffed by way of the use of way of expert crews devoted to your therapy and enjoyment. Ideal for special celebrations, enterprise events, or a day of relaxation, our yachts supply an unparalleled outing on the water. Sail by way of the picturesque waters of Marathon in fashion and elegance, growing unforgettable recollections aboard our luxurious yachts.


Thrilling Jetski Rentals

For those looking for an adrenaline rush, our Marathon jetski leases provide high-performance jet skis first-class for a thrilling adventure. Feel the thrill of the wind and waves as you locate the beautiful shoreline on a jet ski. Whether you are a professional rider or a beginner, our jetskis furnish an exciting way to trip a Marathon from a new perspective.


Book Your Marathon Adventure Today

Ready to embark on a memorable water adventure? Contact South Florida Boat Rental to e-book your Marathon boat rental, yacht rental, or jetski rental. Our first-rate and educated crew is acceptable proper right here to assist you select out the best vessel for your wants and make nice of a seamless condo experience. Discover the best of Marathon with South Florida Boat Rental and create lasting recollections on the water.

Things to Do in or near Marathon

Ready to book a boat in Marathon?

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