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Key West Boat Rentals, Yacht Rentals & Jetski Rentals

Welcome to South Florida Boat Rental, your premier excursion spot for the most reliable boat rentals, yacht rentals, and jetski leases in Key West. Whether you are planning a serene day on the water, a luxurious yacht experience, or an exhilarating jetski adventure, we have quality alternatives to make your Key West trip unforgettable.


Exceptional Boat Rentals

Explore the beautiful waters of Key West with our extraordinary boat rentals. Our fleet consists of a differ of boats, from versatile pontoons to smooth speedboats, making high-quality you have fine vessels for any occasion. Whether you are fishing, sightseeing, or taking a section in a household outing, our Key West boat leases furnish an at-ease and exciting way to day out the gorgeous surroundings. Navigate the crystal-clear waters and detect the hidden gemstones of Key West with ease.


Luxurious Yacht Rentals

Indulge in the remaining luxury with our Key West yacht rentals. Our wonderful yachts are geared up with top-of-the-line choices and staffed using expert crews committed to your remedy and enjoyment. Ideal for great celebrations, organization events, or a day of relaxation, our yachts furnish an unparalleled day outing on the water. Sail via the picturesque waters of Key West in vogue and elegance, growing unforgettable recollections aboard our luxurious yachts.


Thrilling Jetski Rentals

For those in search of an adrenaline rush, our Key West jetski leases furnish high-performance jet skis that promise pleasure and fun. Feel the thrill of the wind and waves as you discover the beautiful shoreline on a jet ski. Whether you are an expert rider or a beginner, our jetskis supply an exhilarating way to ride the waters of Key West. Enjoy the freedom and pleasure of jetskiing in one of the most lovely locations in the world.


Book Your Key West Adventure Today

Ready to go on an incredible water-based adventure? Contact South Florida Boat Rental to reserve your Key West boat, yacht, or jetski rental. Our expert team can assist you in selecting the ideal vessel for your needs and ensure a smooth house experience. Experience the beauty of Key West with South Florida Boat Rental and make lasting impressions on the sea.

Things to Do in or near Key West

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