What you need to know before joining.
• Free Memberships
Our free plan gives you access to great savings and promotions that we offer at no cost. Sign up to receive free promotions and save!
• Basic Memberships
The basic memberships give you 50% off all of our on-site rentals and 10-20% off partner rentals. Some black-out dates do apply.
• VIP Memberships
The VIP memberships give you access to our entire on-site fleet with 100% off your rental each time you rent. Some black-out dates do apply.
• Annual Memberships
Annual memberships are good for year round use. Great for local boaters with a passion for boating. Some black-out dates do apply.
• Seasonal Memberships
Seasonal memberships can be used anytime between September 1st - March 31st. You can use your membership term you select any period you choose in the seasonal membership date range.Seasonal memberships are not permitted between April 1st - August 31st. Black-out dates apply.
• Member Limits
To ensure our members get the most out of their membership we limit the amount of members we allow at one time. We have the lowest boat to member ratio in the area.
• Reservations
All reservations cannot be made more than a week in advance. No double reservation booking. You cannot book another reservation until after the date of your first reservation. Reservations are subject to availability.
• On-site Rentals
On-site rentals are a specific selection of boats that we allow to take part in our membership plans. Ask a representative for more details.
• Partner Rentals
Partner rentals are rentals from our partners that are not included in your membership plan but can still access great savings. Savings will vary from what your selected plan offers for on-site rentals.
• Cancelations
Our standard cancelation and weather policy applies to all members but instead of 100% penalty, all members will be subject to 50% penalty of full non-member price only on non-black-out dates. Cancelations for reservations made on black-out dates will be charged in full if cancelation does not meet our cancelation window.
• Black-out Dates
Black-out dates are certain dates that our rentals cannot be used at your member rate. Rentals on black-out dates will be charged in full. Black-out dates vary based on membership plan. Some black-out dates may be full day or half day black-out. Ask a representative for a list of black-out dates.
• Restrictions
Dawn to dusk boating only. No night time rentals unless operated by a captain. No tubing or watersking activities. Boating in hazardous weather and seas is prohibited.
• Boating Handling & Safety Course
All new memberships besides the "Free Plan" will receive a free 2 hour boat handling and safety course with one of our trained representatives.
• Availability
All rentals are subject to availability. There are no refunds or reimbursements of membership plan to members for unavailability of rentals. We are a first come first serve basis for all members and non-members, reservation or walk-in.
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