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Terms and Conditions

Cancellation Policy - Our cancellation window is 72 hours or more prior to the date and time of your'e reservation. Customers who cancel within the cancellation window will not be charged. Customers who cancel after the cancellation window expires are responsible for the full amount of the trip reserved and any add ons that have been reserved or requested. If a representative has cancelled your'e reservation at anytime due to foul weather, you will not be charged or may be subject to rescheduling your'e reservation depending on the situation.

Deposit Policy - If your'e reservation required a non-refundable deposit, the 72 hour cancellation window does not apply to you and you will not receive any kind of refund. If your'e reservation required a non-refundable deposit and a representative cancels your'e reservation due to foul weather, you will be refunded or subject to rescheduling depending on the situation.

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Booking online is a fast and easy way to reserve your'e trip with South Florida Boat Rental. Our goal is to make booking your'e trip as simple, exciting and affordable as possible to ensure your'e vacation is stress free!

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