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We had a great time at South Florida Boat Rental on our vacation in Fort Lauderdale! Our good friends told us its one of must see, must do activities while on our trip! It was the highlight of our trip and made our vacation the best of the best! We learned all about the marine life in the water and saw all kinds of cool fish and animals! They were so nice and educated about the ocean, very helpful and made our trip very interesting! We had such a fun time, so I know you will to!!!.
South Florida holds many fun and interesting ways to spend your vacation on the water offering beautiful sights, beaches, history and much more! Fort Lauderdale, as beautiful as it sounds, owning the name "The Yachting Capitol of the World", brings in some of the finest and biggest Mega yachts ever built! Cruising through South Florida's most famous intracoastal waterways lies many beautiful homes and mansions of the rich and famous for you to see. One of the most popular and favorable spots to see and go boating is the Hillsboro Inlet in Pompano Beach. The Hillsboro Inlet gives you a large variety of fun and exciting ways to spend your boating experience. There are many spots to anchor and lay out in the sun while embracing the fresh ocean breeze! You can also anchor close by the inlet beach and swim ashore where all the local boaters welcome you. Hillsboro Inlet is known for its unique icon which makes this spot even more desirable. The tall standing, black and white lighthouse brings much history and joy to this popular boating destination. Pompano Beach and Deerfield Beach also hold some of the finest reefs and offshore fishing in Florida which attracts fishermen and scuba divers from all over the world year-round. Miami Beach is world renowned for its high class, upscale living. Cruising through Miami's elegant waters brings much excitement and stylish vibes to your boating experience. Venture to Miami's favorite bayside mall and check out all the cool shops and the Miami Heat arena, or cruise down to Biscayne National Park. In North Miami sits one of the most popular sandbars in South Florida. Haulover sand bar attracts all the local boaters to hang out and take advantage of our beautiful year-round weather. Boca Raton and West Palm Beach are also known for its upscale living and elegant homes surrounded by beautiful beaches that can't be avoided! South Florida is conveniently located close to the Florida Keys and the Bahama Islands making it easy and affordable to enjoy even greater adventures at sea!

 Join us today on one of our many party boat rentals and you'll marvel at the picturesque scenery, perhaps gander at the palaces of the rich and famous, and encounter a vast parade of marine life. Take a relaxing ride to the local sandbars or even grab a bite to eat at any of the waterfront restaurants and bars along South Florida's intracoastal waterway.

Lindsey. Greenwood, Indiana
Awesome experience! We rented a deck boat and had a great time doing so! It was definitely the highlight of our family vacation to South Florida. We already have plans to use them again on our next trip to Florida!
I was lucky enough to take the maiden voyage of South Florida Boat Rentals newest member of their fleet! The trip went off without a hitch! The staff was very helpful and professional and provided and option with or without captain. I was able to enjoy a worry free day out on the boat and felt comfortable leaving South Florida Boat Rental to handle the rest and take the stress out of my vacation! I will be back to Fort Lauderdale soon and will use their boat rentals exclusively now!
Meagan. Boone, North Carolina


Hold on for the thrill of a lifetime! As you glide across the water, you’ll have an adrenaline rush and feel more alive than ever! Jet skiing is an exciting water sport a​nd​ a great chance to head out on the ocean or intracoastal at super high speeds! Jet skis can ride up to two people and are super easy to learn.

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​​​​​​​​It’s finally possible! Come enjoy some time aboard a luxurious Yacht of your choosing. Swimming, water sports and refreshments will await you. Embark on any beautiful vessel for an unforgettable experience towards places of the Bahama Islands, Florida Keys or any endless traveling destination. Make your dreams a reality!

Shani. Glasgow, Kentucky


South Florida Boat Rental takes your vacation to unforgettable new heights and gorgeous sights with its fleet of sterling boats, yachts, and jet skis. The captains and crew—all as professional as they are friendly—take pride in plotting and piloting ideal excursions to enrich your vacation experience. Our main focus is to give you the best deal in the area to ensure that your vacation is enjoyable and affordable at the same time. South Florida Boat Rentaloffers many promotions and deals to make our affordable rentals even more affordable than they already are. We make sure all boats in our fleet are taken well care of and generally maintained regularly to assure no problems on the water. All boats are kept up to speed and always looking brand new for your enjoyment. Take advantage of living the dream and embracing the beautiful vibes of boating without the struggle and high expenses of owning a boat. Our team of highly professional captains and crew are top of the line and ready to be at your service. We strive for excellence and aim to give you the most comfortable and enjoyable experience you won't ever forget. Safety is our top priority here at South Florida Boat Rental as we assure all vessels are equipped with proper safety equipment for your comfort and mind at ease. We offer a wide variety of boats and yachts to accommodate any size party necessary. Due to such a high demand of boats in South Florida we added to our fleet of boats and yachts, and expanded our perimeter to various locations such as Miami Beach, Hollywood Beach, Pompano Beach, Deerfield Beach, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach and our main location being in Fort Lauderdale, the boating and yachting capitol of the World!
​Fort Lauderdale Boat Rental
Experience South Florida the right way! Don't miss out and enjoy some thrilling, unforgettable, action packed watersports today! Dive in the water and swim with thousands of cool colorful fish and other marine life or even get lucky and get to see some dolphins! Go kayaking with a buddy or even get on a paddle board and put your balance to the test! Get you're adrenaline pumping while jetsking across the smooth, glistening ocean surface or get pulled along on the most popular banana boar! Its all so much fun! Lay out on the beach under the year round, summer sun weather after you're watersport adventure and make the most of you're South Florida experience.